New Commercial Vehicle Loan

Expand or start your business by buying your preferred commercial vehicle today. We offer attractive loan options to set up, scale up or expand businesses supported by commercial vehicle.

Pre-Owned Commercial Vehicle Loan

Pre-owned commercial vehicles are sometimes the most practical and affordable solutions. Fulfil your needs without any roadblocks, courtesy the hassle-free loans from SK Finance.


Any type of vehicle that different business companies use to carry on commerce is regarded as a commercial vehicle. A commercial vehicle can be any automobile that helps in transporting persons or goods in bulk across locations. Do you have a business that requires commercial vehicles? Are you looking for a new or used commercial vehicle? You are at the right place. We fund your commercial vehicle purchase with quick and hassle-free loans. You can easily apply online for these loans and get them sanctioned at attractive interest rates. Let your new commercial vehicle be a bringer of prosperity and happiness into your life, helping you scale up your business, meet demand, achieve growth targets and replace any ageing vehicles in your fleet.

Features & Benefits of SK Finance Commercial Vehicle Loan

Buying your commercial vehicle with an SK Finance loan always comes with additional benefits.


We have diverse eligibility criteria for our commercial vehicle loans. This includes your age, income, nature of your business/employment, and more.



Loan Tenure

60 Months

Customer Profile

Self Employed, Farmer, Driver

Employment Stability

2 Years or more


Our tenures are flexible for commercial vehicle loan customers.

We have reasonable rates of interest, depending on various factors.

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There are maximum or minimum commercial vehicle loan amounts. It all depends on several factors like the vehicle cost, your eligibility, and so on.